Drug Elimination Museum

The Drug Elimination Museum was opened with ceremony on June 26, 2001. It is located at the corner of Kyandaw Road and Hanthawady Road in Kamayut Township, Yangon, Burma, on the former site of the city’s largest cemetery, Kyandaw Cemetery. It is dedicated to the International Day Against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking. he museum has three floors which contain exhibits on drug abuse and government efforts to contain the problem.


The Yangon Drug Elimination Museum is well worth visiting for its bizarre factor. The huge three-storey building covers all facets of Myanmar’s own war on drugs, including the history of opium cultivation in Myanmar, operations launched against drug production, crop-replacement and economic development strategies in opium production regions, and education campaigns about the dangers of drugs.

Highlights are the quirky dioramas throughout the museum, random exhibits that require some interpretation as to how they fit in, and some morbid displays of the negative effects of drug use.

Entry for foreigners is $3. Camera fee is $5. Kyat is also accepted at a slightly unfavorable exchange rate.